1% improvement a day…is it possible?

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Alex Wong, Director, In Tune Business Services.

Was having a meeting with my team yesterday and i asked each of them, can they improve themselves by 1% a day?
Most of them answer me YES without blinking.

I then asked them if you grow only 1% a day, do you know how much improvement you achieved in a year?
365% was consistent in the room. I then told them that it is at least 400% as there is compounding effect in incremental growth.
Example day 1: 1% on 100 will lead to 101%, day 2: 1% on 101 will lead to 102.1% and it grow from there

The million dollar question, how many actually improved 400% every year?
Not many are able to give me a definitive answer

Question to you…are you committed to your daily growth? What have your learn today? Like late Stephen Covey said, when was the last time you really sharpen your saw?

Keep your improvement log and review it from time to time. This helps in your growth. Also commit to do things that matters to your growth. I often heard people are too busy with work and no time to read news or updates that matters to them yet they have time for holiday or indulged in their favourite hobby

Alex Wong CPA Australia Melbourne University, Australia
In Tune specialises in finance and accounting outsourcing, human resource (HR) outsourcing to SME business owners; that traditionally cannot afford professional services which they now can at a fraction of the cost less the headache; so that they have more time to focus on the business operations that matters to them.
Why hire an executive when you can now get at least one qualified accountant with an executive at less than an executive pay?

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