Problem…how to deal with it positively?

Written by Alex Wong, Director, In Tune Business Services.

Part 2

Have you seen the same problems recur in your life our in the organization that you are in?

This is because they have not learnt from it when it first occurs. Again, it is a question of choice.

Some will think that such problem will nerve recur and some enjoy to become the problem champion to feel important

The trick to master problem is applying the Japanese kaizen style of continuous improvement to ensure that every problem that arises never to be repeated again.

Alex Wong CPA Australia Melbourne University, Australia
In Tune specialises in finance and accounting outsourcing, human resource (HR) outsourcing to SME business owners; that traditionally cannot afford professional services which they now can at a fraction of the cost less the headache; so that they have more time to focus on the business operations that matters to them.
Why hire an executive when you can now get at least one qualified accountant with an executive at less than an executive pay?

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