Corporate Profile



In-Tune was founded in 2007 as an outsourcing and business consultancy firm geared to the needs of small and medium sized enterprises. With the tagline of “Every SME can become large”, they offered their clients first-hand knowledge of the business and governmental regulations that affected their business, granting them confidence in their next step of their growth, while taking key non-core essentials off their hands.

Noticing that larger companies too were looking to streamline their operations, In-Tune expanded its offering, adding personnel and Human Resources operations outsourcing to its suite of offerings as well as strengthening its business consultancy arm. This has enabled them to become a source of confidence and value for their clients – reducing the burden placed on them by tedious Human Resources and Finance tasks while helping to streamline their business procedures and operational structures.

Now based in Bander Puteri, Puchong, In-Tune serves companies ranging in size from small startups to regional offices. No matter the client, the promise remains the same: to be a dependable source of knowledge and manpower, providing the direction to growth, whilst always remaining in tune with the needs of the business.