Building a dream team: People skills are a must for career success

Saturday March 9, 2013


Take a cue from the story of any successful person who had achieved a dream, and you will find that he or she is surrounded by people who had helped to make it happen. Take a cue from the story of any successful person who had achieved a dream, and you will find that he or she is surrounded by people who had helped to make it happen.

Besides aligning your career goals to your core values, you will also need to harness the energy of other people to get to where you want to be. It goes without saying that whatever your dream is – whether to become a doctor, lawyer, politician, entrepreneur, philanthropist or scientist – at some point, you will need to interact with people. This is a skill that should be acquired from a young age.

Unless your dream is to work in a vacuum and remain anonymous to everyone, you will need to learn to work with other people including scoolmates, colleagues, partners, bosses, subordinates, constituents, customers or even critics. People may be a major or minor factor, depending on what you desire to achieve. But no matter what, you will need to engage people if you want to achieve your dream.

Your ability to engage others is largely influenced by how people generally feel when they are around you, and it is ideal when there is a strong and positive emotional attachment to the cause at hand. People will be inclined to respond to you if they feel that they are appreciated and acknowledged. They must also perceive you as honest and sincere. It all depends on how well you connect with others while making them feel safe when they are around you.

In other words, if you want to realise your dreams, you will need a team to assist you. There is a long list of things that a team can do for you but in general, a team, regardless of purpose/content, brings about the following values to your pursuit, according to John C. Maxwell: > My team makes me better.

> My team multiplies my value to others.

> My team enables me to do what I do best.

> My team allows me to help others do their best.

> My team gives me more time.

> My team provides me with companionship.

> My team helps me fulfil the desires of my heart.

> My team compounds my vision and effort.

> My team empowers me to realise my dream.

So how do you engage your team members so that they see possibilities, have aspirations and feel inspired? By getting your team members involved in inventing the future or an aspect of it with you, you are helping them connect with what they care about.

This is a recognised truth in sports. Sports fans understand well that a team cannot win without the right players.

Take rugby as an example. The rugby world cup would be won by a squad of inter-dependent players, supported by various professionals, e.g. coaches, managers, and winning factors including strategies and communication.

At the end of the day, it is not one player that wins. Neither is it the captain or the coach. It is the best team that wins. A combination of general and specialist players contributing their strengths, speed and strategies – a team that comes in all shapes and sizes that complement each other. It is the whole team that wins, the team that recognises that every member is, in any role and at any given time, a leader.

Additionally, a positive attitude and outlook is also really important in terms of building a team and generating team spirit.

There is no point in having all the great athletes, if they cannot play together as a team. There is also no point in having a few exceptional players in the field whilst others in the team are resentful. It’s about instilling a family spirit so that people will go the extra mile for their team – everyone moving towards the same purpose and direction, contributing towards the best interest of the team. It is something players cherish and believe in – having the honour to wear the team jersey and knowing that they have earned the right to wear it.

John C. Maxwell once quoted:

“Some people have a dream but no team– their dream is impossible.

Some people have a dream but a bad team– their dream is a nightmare.

Some people have a dream and are building a team– their dream has potential.

Some people have a dream and a great team– their dream is inevitable.”

It’s not enough to have a dream. You must also have a dream team.

No doubt, a lot of successful people have been down and out numerous times, and have had to start from scratch. Having the right attitude and being able to engage others are absolutely essential both in sports and life. You can have all the talent in the world, but without the right attitude and trust, you will not get anywhere. Take a cue from the story of any successful person who had achieved a dream, and you will find that he or she is surrounded by people who had helped to make it happen.

Source: The Star

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