Delivering exceptional Customer care

One of the biggest challenges companies face is meeting rising customer expectations in a competitive marketplace. Customers today, expect to get more for less; and if they don’t get it, they’ll move on to a company that can give it to them. Because of this, executives struggle to find the
balance between lowering operational costs and meeting customer demands.

Delivering exceptional customer care while growing revenue, is possible with the right combination of people, processes, and technology. To win the hearts of your customers, you must first win the hearts of your employees. They are the front lines in that moment of truth when customers are deciding whether or not to continue their relationships with you. By giving them familiar and easy-to-use tools, they are able to deliver consistent, efficient service that enhances customer loyalty. The following case studies illustrate how Columbus has helped many companies address these issues using Microsoft Dynamics together with appropriate tools from the Columbus Services solution set.

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In Tune specialises in finance and accounting outsourcing, human resource (HR) outsourcing to SME business owners in Malaysia; that traditionally cannot afford professional services which they now can at a fraction of the cost less the headache; so that they have more time to focus on the business operations that matters to them.

Why hire an executive when you can now get at least one qualified professional with an executive at less than an executive pay?

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