Let the Gen Ys take over

Saturday April 6, 2013| By Roshan

When we first set up Leaderonomics about five years ago, I hired a large number of Gen Ys to help us in our start-up efforts. Gen Ys come in all size and shapes. We had an extremely bright and intellectual Gen Y who enjoyed learning. He had changed jobs five times and he was still under the age of 25 at that time. There was another who wanted to work part-time. Yet another person we hired insisted to work from home. She also insisted that she only work 10 months in the year. The other two months were to be used for her to travel and explore different countries. So she worked hard for 10 months and then took two months off (with no pay) and blew everything she saved to have adventures deep in the rural provinces of India, China or wherever she felt was exotic.

Gen Ys are generally folks born in the 80s and early 90s and they are now a big part of the work force. We also refer to them as Millennials. They generally have parents who have invested heavily in them, encouraging them to take the time to get a university education and be self-confident. To them, it is imperative to establish a personal identity above all.

Having worked with Gen Ys these past number of years, I do notice some peculiarities. Yet, at the core they are the same as the Gen X workforce. They crave attention from their managers, they want feedback and they long for a pat on the back when they do a good job. Although they may have some quirky work requests, they can be amazingly productive and bring new insights and joy to the workplace. All it takes is a bit of adaptation and providing them the encouragement, tools and inspiration to achieve the astounding things that only this generation can offer.

A few years ago, I hired an amazing Gen Y named Lily Cheah. She helped me develop a number of new businesses and supported me in the growth of Leaderonomics. Cheah is a remarkable woman. She has lived and worked in France and New Zealand before returning to Malaysia to join Leaderonomics. She hosts a TV show and has incredible communication skills. And she is a role-model Gen Y who is destined for greatness. And so, as I move on from the post of editor of the myStarjob.com career pullout, I could only think of one person who would replace me – Lily Cheah.

So, please welcome our new editor for this pullout going forward. She will be supported by the amazing Evangelia Christodoulou, who is the new assistant editor and the fabulous team who ensure we have the best content on jobs, careers and leadership every week. I will continue to be part of the pullout and hopefully continually inspire you weekly in my Be a Leader column.

For those who have not signed up for my daily leadership wisdom site, just go to http://www.facebook.com/roshanthiran.leaderonomics for my daily lesson learnt and for daily leadership nuggets.

Cheah and her team will be taking this pullout to the next level. Not only will we continue to ensure its content is fresh, exciting, applicable and relevant to you, we are planning some exciting videos to continue supplementing this pullout which you can access at www.leaderonomics.tv. So, have fun reading this week’s edition and we do hope you enjoy our career guide. There are many other special articles on various other topics that we hope will inspire you to keep learning and growing every day of your life.

We wish you all the best in your career journey! Have a wonderful work ahead and don’t forget to be appreciative of the great Gen Y talent out there. Give them an opportunity and they will surely shine. There are many Lily Cheahs out there waiting for the opportunity to shine. Go on and trust them!

Source: The Star

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