One is never too old to learn even IT gadget and it is part of our life and business.. see GOOFs survey

Updated: Monday October 22, 2012 MYT 2:30:01 PM Age is no barrier to loving gadgets

NOT OVERTHE HILL: A recent survey has revealed that consumers aged 50+ in Britain are just aslikely to own tablets and smartphones and enjoy gaming. – Relaxnews 2012 A recent survey has revealed that consumers aged 50+ in Britain are just as likely to own tablets and smartphones and enjoy gaming.

Going against the perception that the latest gadgets are solely the preserve of the young, fashionable and upwardly mobile, new research reveals that in Britain at least, the over-50 crowd own just as many gadgets and pieces of high-tech as people half their age.

The survey, conducted by Gadget Show Live, has identified a group it calls GOOFs (Gadget Obsessed Over Fifties) who own digital cameras, smartphones and like nothing more than to spend their free time gaming.

Three in four respondents in this category claimed to have a smartphone, one in five uses fitness apps and 22% own either a PS3, Wii or Xbox. Less surprising is that 40 percent of over 50s quizzed have a kindle, 61% have an iPod or other MP3 player, 20% have a digital photo frame and 64% own digital radios.

Other typical GOOF gadgets include Sat Nav systems (20%), home cinema systems (10%), and tablets (40%).

Matt Hodgins, event director, Gadget Show Live Christmas, said: “This proves that gadgets hold as much, and sometimes more, appeal to older generations than younger ones. The over-50s often have more disposable cash for high end products such as tablets and flatscreen televisions and have more time to enjoy them, too.” – Relaxnews 2012

The top 20 gadgets owned by Britain’s GOOFs: 1. Digital Camera – 94% 2. Laptop – 81% 3. Smartphone – 73% 4. Flatscreen TV – 71% 5. Digital radio – 64% 6. MP3 – 61% 7. Tablet – 40% 8. Kindle – 40% 9. In-car stereo – 39% 10. Portable games console – 31% 11. Games console – 22% 12. Sat Nav – 20% 13. Satellite TV – 20% 14. Use fitness apps – 20% 15. Digital photo frame – 19% 16. iPod docking system – 13% 17. Home cinema – 10% 18. Treadmill – 8% 19. 3D TV – 6% 20. GPS running watch – 6%

Source: The Star

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