Human Resources and Payroll

Just engage us for your peace of mind!

  • Forget about handling payroll processing and other non-core administrative processes
  • No more headache in managing your people
  • Your people, processes and strategies synergized with your business

Our payroll and human resources services are designed to take care of the many tedious yet essential tasks in this field so that you can focus on growing your business, while also saving you the expense involved in hiring your own staff for these functions.

Under human resources, we will file all employee personnel records, leave applications and staff applications in an orderly and easy to retrieve format, making it easy for you to monitor the manpower at your disposal and make decisions on staffing. Also, thanks to our very own paperless e-leave facility, all leave applications are accessible online and at your convenience.

Our payroll services, on the other hand, ensure that you adhere to Malaysian regulations. By hiring us to fulfill this function, you will receive experienced staff who understand the specific requirements of EPF, Socso, Income Tax and other related employment regulations, and who will advise you on how changing regulations affect your business.

As always, we aim to go beyond mere services and act as partners to our clients in this important area of the business. Every month, you will receive a comprehensive payroll report outlining your wage expenses and deductions. This report also includes a full manpower cost analysis, giving you insight into key areas where you can improve your company’s efficiency.

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