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5 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

July 26 by Jill Harness in Work | 104 Shares At one point or another everyone stresses at work, but while occassional stress can push people to meet deadlines, constant stress can make employees nervous, apathetic, tired, angry and reduce productivity in general. Whether you are a manager looking to help calm your employees so [&hellip

The Primary Cause of unhappiness

July 3 by Brian Lee             The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. Are there times when you feel beaten up and let down by life? Are there times when you feel unhappy and it seems like nothing can cheer you up? While most of us (I assume) [&hellip

13 Reasons You Aren’t As Successful As You Should Be

June 18 by Jill Harness You’re smart and creative, but for some reason you just never seem to get ahead in life. But whether or not you want to see it, there are very real things standing in your way from becoming successful. In fact, business writer Jim Kukral came up with a whole list of [&hellip

Where is the source of the greatness of the business?

My clients and friends often ask me about what makes a business great. Where is the source of the greatness of the business? Watch the following video to find out the source of every business at CLICK HERE (Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action)   Source: http://www.ted.com Posted by: www.in-tune.biz In Tune specialises in [&hellip

500,000 Private Sector Workers Will Lose Out Over New Retirement Age – Council

January 04, 2013 PUTRAJAYA, Jan 4 (Bernama) — The UNI Global Union-Malaysia Liaison Council (UNI-MLC) claimed on Friday, that more than 500,000 private sector employees would lose out on the option of extending their retirement age, if the minimum retirement age of 60, was enforced on July 1. Council president Mohamed Shafie BP Mammal wants [&hellip

What is the outlook for 2013 for you?

Download full article Key Investment Themes and 2013 Outlook Source: Fund Supermart Posted by: www.in-tune.biz In Tune specialises in finance and accounting outsourcing, human resource (HR) outsourcing to SME business owners in Malaysia; that traditionally cannot afford professional services which they now can at a fraction of the cost less the headache; so that they [&hellip

Now you KNOW what actually happened when you swipe your credit card and SCARY facts about credit cards!

  The Anatomy Of A Credit Card Transaction Posted on October 22, 2012 at 1:45 pm.Written by iMoney Research Team   Have you ever wondered how a credit card works – what happens behind the scenes as you swipe your card and make a purchase? How does the retailer get paid, and how does your [&hellip

IN TUNE RESOURCES update.. please read

We are pleased to announce the enhanced version of our humble website. Thank you for all the valuable comments,  feedbacks and words of encouragement. We are committed to provide NEWS that matters, IN TUNED to you and your business in accounting or finance, IT or MIS, Human Resource (HR) and Legal as we build the [&hellip

Every problem has a solution, do you agree?

Written by Alex Wong, Director, In Tune Business Services. Part 1 Such a simple statement yet so hard to master. One of my previous colleague that I worked with used to tell me this that there is rarely problem that had no solution. If it is not a problem, there is no solution to it. [&hellip