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Innovation, is it the key to a company’s continuous growth?

The 2011 Global Innovation 1000: Why Culture is Key Source: http://www.booz.com/global/home/what_we_think/innovation_1000_2011 Year after year, certain companies succeed in producing innovative new products and services, and in so doing generate superior financial results. As our annual Global Innovation 1000 study, now in its seventh year, has consistently demonstrated, the success of these companies is not a [&hellip

Knowing the retirement age of your employees matters…do you know what is the new retirement age?

Wednesday August 22, 2012 Star online Case of victory in defeat Comment by SHAILA KOSHY The Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012, which addresses longer life spans, also deals with gender discrimination. But it is of little consolation to a group of female employees who lost their gender discrimination case and will not receive compensation for [&hellip

A tale of Malaysia….good indication of our country and how to improve from it?

Populism plague Commentary Written by Radzuan Halim Thursday, 23 August 2012 00:00 Today must borrow nothing of tomorrow. — German proverb The noted New York Times columnist David Brooks recently lamented on the state of the democracies of the US and Europe. He said, “Leaders today do not believe their job is to restrain popular [&hellip

To Keep Your Company Growing, Think Of Your Business As A Forest–And Burn It Down Sometimes

To Keep Your Company Growing, Think Of Your Business As A Forest–And Burn It Down Sometimes BYKAIHANKRIPPENDORFF| AUGUST23,2012 My first week back from vacation hit me with a flurry of ideas. My schedule packed with interviews my assistant set up with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and thinkers, my dam is near bursting with things to share. Here [&hellip

China slowdown is more real than we thought! What impact would it have on Malaysia?

By AARON BACK And LIU LI Manufacturing activity in China falls to a nine-month low, sending another signal that world’s second largest economy continues to slowdown. The WSJ’s Deborah Kan speaks with DJN’s Hong Kong Bureau Chief, Jeffry Ng. BEIJING—A preliminary gauge of manufacturing activity in China on Thursday sent another warning signal on the [&hellip

Malaysia new min wage starts 1st Jan…good or bad news?

Thursday July 19, 2012 Minimum wage gazetted, takes effect Jan 1 KUALA LUMPUR: The Minimum Wage Order 2012, which was gazetted Monday, will take effect on Jan 1 for employers who employ six workers or more. For employers, who employ five workers or less, the date of enforcement will be on July 1 next year, [&hellip

Having problem with your new boss?

Friday August 17, 2012 Career Q&A: Getting along with a new boss Dear AskTheExpert, I’m currently working in a position that was very enjoyable in the beginning, but now I do not enjoy the job as before as I am now working with a new manager. What should I do? Disillusioned Dear Disillusioned, Liking a [&hellip

Gold…is it an investment, a perceived risk free commodity or a economic speculative commodity?

Gold trapped between soft physical demand and economic fear Features Written by Clyde Russell Friday, 03 August 2012 16:17 GOLD remains trapped in no man’s land between hopes it will rally if Western central banks are forced to further ease monetary conditions and the reality that physical demand in Asia remains tepid. For the past [&hellip

Punctuality…what does it mean to you and what is it on today’s environment?

VIPs to be told to be punctual for dinners Politics & Government 2012 Written by Ho Wah Foon of theedgemalaysia.com Wednesday, 22 August 2012 12:16 KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 22): Leading Chinese business groups and associations have been advised to write to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet Ministers, as well as Mentri Besars and Chief [&hellip

Factors to consider when starting business in Malaysia

Source: http://www.yycadvisors.com/start_up_business_in_malaysia.html Start Up Business in Malaysia-Matters to Consider Do we need to set up a company to start up business in Malaysia? Businesses in Malaysia are required to be carried out by either these two types of business organisations: 1. Business firms (governed under Registrar of Business Act 1956) 2. Registered companies (governed under [&hellip