Why should you Outsource Your Payroll?

July 23, 2013, 9:04 a.m. EDT

DALLAS, TX, Jul 23, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Are you considering outsourcing your payroll processing or switching to a new provider? “What should you take into account when looking at outsourcing of your payroll services?” asks Charles Read, CEO/CPA.

The new blog suggests the following 9 reasons: best practice — for less, government interference, protection from check fraud, tax credits — you may not know exist, privacy upgrade, take a vacation, access to payroll tax experts — at no charge, save time and save money.

Security is a significant issue in all business practices but in payroll there are some specific safeguards that come with outsourcing to a payroll provider. One of the nine reasons is protection from check fraud which is the largest dollar value crime in the country year after year. The cost is rising 25% each year to top more than $20 billion dollars. A good payroll outsourcing firm should be able to discuss numerous ways they protect their clients from fraud.

Another reason to outsource is something none of us can get back, is time. Outsourcing payroll saves time in various paper related tasks, software updating, taxes and keeping up with new laws. Also, the location to submit payroll is no longer in one place but anywhere with internet access.

To view a video and read additional information about the 9 reasons to Outsource Payroll, go to, blog posting: http://payrollonabudget.co m/tax-withholding-federal-and-state/payroll-outsourcing-nine-reasons- why/

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