Why use us?

The one question business owners ask before any other is:


When it comes to outsourcing, the answer is: “In so many ways”.

Running a business means dealing with many uncertainties. The introduction of GST has meant that many firms have had to make large investments into new software and processes. Rising labour costs and a shrinking talent pool mean qualified staff jump ship for higher pay packets. Meanwhile, the costs incurred in managing and training these staff has risen significantly over the years.

By outsourcing your Human Resources and Finance functions to us, you can get rid of this uncertainty and gain focus on the areas which matter. Our offering is designed to meet the highest standards and provides the following key benefits to your organization:


Ownership of The Process

We pride ourselves on being able to rise to any finance or HR related challenge and promise our clients that our presence offers the same benefits as having a fully developed in-house department.


Competent and Highly-Trained Staff

Our staff come from professional Human Resources and Finance backgrounds and are at your disposal at any time during the working week.

All members of staff are highly trained in both the technical and value-based sides of the business, with external training a priority, and can quickly adapt to the demands of a wide variety of industries.

Proven Processes and Procedures

Our ideas help you develop a strong workflow that maximizes your resources, while our process-oriented approach assists in setting up relevant KPIs to measure the performance of your organization.


Leading-Edge Technology

We use the latest software and technology, ensuring that you stay in-tune with the latest developments, while also training your staff to be competent with the tools we use.



Save Money

Instead of worrying about recruiting, training and managing staff you can leave your manpower needs to us. Our team has the experience and skills necessary to understand your business and hit the ground running.

In addition, you’ll save on the physical investment required to upkeep full accounts and HR departments, leaving space to handle the aspects of the business which are most crucial to                                                        your success.

Consultancy Services

In addition to fulfilling outsourcing needs, we also provide key consultancy on issues relating to cash flow, investment, loan application, implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) , and other important aspects of Finance. Our track record of helping companies grow can assist you in taking the next step as an organization.

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